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DiamondTREE is an exclusive OMMP resource center for medical marijuana patients and growers alike. Nestled in the heart of central Oregon in beautiful Bend, our organization provides a comfortable and private atmosphere for networking and safe access to medical marijuana resources. 

We have recently been state licensed as an Oregon Dispensary and offer a wide variety of dispensary services:

*Access to over 100 Lab Tested Strains Daily-We network with over 75 local growers to ensure a diversified and constantly-changing product menu. 

*Access to all forms of THC/CBD by-products including edible foods, tinctures, lotions/salves, capsules, pre-rolls, concentrates, CO2 extractions, RSO and much more.


What Makes DiamondTREE Different? OUR CONNECTION SERVICES.

We are the only company in central Oregon dedicated strictly to providing OMMP patients and growers with the connection resources needed to effectively network within the OMMP community. For new patients joining the OMMP community, we provide grower-profiles with sample product and wait-lists. Our OMMP lounge is the best way to effectively meet elite growers and start receiving medicine fast. For OMMP Growers, we provide patients who are ready to sign up today. We will get you carded for as many patients as you choose to grow for LEGALLY.

We believe there needs to be more resources for the thousands of registered OMMP patients living in central Oregon. Today there are many people who are turning to cannabis for alternative pain management, and many of these people have little or no knowledge of how to effectively produce or acquire high-grade medicine. OMMA law says that patients are allowed to grow for themselves, or assign others to be their grower or caregiver. THE PROBLEM: This is far easier said than done. Most new OMMP patients have no connection to "grower networks" and have a difficult time finding dependable growers. Most new OMMP growers have no connection to "patient networks" and have a difficult time finding stable patients. At DiamondTREE we want to change this inconvenient, usually messy, and almost always bad-ending ordeal into a smooth, private, and easy process. By creating a company that focuses on both the needs of patients and growers alike, we are able to bridge the rocky gap between "grower" and "patient networks". We are professionalizing the way OMMP patients interact, and hope to positively effect the attitude and awareness of medical marijuana.


A Little Bit More About What We Do...

We provide cooking seminars, instructional consultations, advance grow-technique workshops, patients for growers, & growers for patients! We always try to provide everyone that walks through our door with valuable, accurate, and up-to-date information. We will happily help you fill out OMMP applications, explain fees, fill out change-request forms, and even mail them for you! As your premiere OMMP resource center, DiamondTREE is your first stop for questions, concerns, networking and safe access resources for medical marijuana in Oregon.

Our Incorporation:

 Established 2010

S-Corp Election with IRS

Non-Profit Mutual Corporation - State of Oregon.


All bookkeeping, including tax payments are completed by Precision Bookkeeping of Bend.


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